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The Kogelberg Biosphere team works across the land and waterscapes in our biosphere, to make things better for both people and nature.

But the Biosphere team cannot achieve success without the buy-in of our Biosphere residents, and other partners and stakeholders.

That’s why it’s vital that we raise awareness around the importance of this natural area, and why it needs to be protected. But more than that – that we use our platforms to showcase the many projects that we roll out, and the strength of the partnerships in our Biosphere.

To achieve this, the Kogelberg Biosphere team has created a communications plan according to which we operate – guided by and implemented by the Kogelberg Biosphere team and Directors, working with LoveGreen Communications.


Our platforms are in place

Working with partners, we have revamped the website to showcase our work. The goal of the website is not only to raise awareness with residents and visitors, but also to encourage greater interaction and involvement in the Biosphere.

We also relaunched on social media platforms, to excite our Biosphere Living residents about how they can benefit from living in a Biosphere, and to show how all residents have a role to play to help nature and people.

A newsletter is sent quarterly to those who have signed up, sharing more detail regarding Biosphere projects, as well as tips on how to live closer to nature, and how to protect homes and natural areas against possible threats that relate to Biosphere Living.

Wherever we can, we share stories with our partners in the media, to encourage greater reach. We’re grateful to our wonderful media partners, such as The Village News and the Overstrand Herald for reporting on vital Biosphere-related matters.

Partnerships are also vital for the Biosphere, and we work closely with a number of partners, who share our news and collaborate on printed works (such as books).

To find out more, check out our social media

Get involved

You can also get involved in the Biosphere, by giving your voice to the natural world.  Find out more here

Check out our Kogelberg Biosphere resources – including past newsletter, annual reports and other key info here.


We are a not-for-profit company and a public benefit organisation. All funds raised therefore go to meeting our motto: Nature for Life.

We can provide 18A tax exemption certificates to donors.
For more information, contact admin@kogelbergbiosphere.org.za


Wetlands and strategic water sources

Wetlands and strategic water sources

Our Kogelberg Biosphere water systems are a delicate web of wetlands, rivers, dams and aquifers. These components are constantly in flux, and interact with one another in complicated ways. If the 2018 drought taught us anything, it’s that fresh and clean water

Restoring our threatened fynbos through partnerships

Restoring our threatened fynbos through partnerships

Invasive alien clearing in the Kogelberg Biosphere is gaining momentum. Currently we have two teams working for the Kogelberg Biosphere, removing invasive plants off some of our Critically Endangered vegetation.

Biosphere Living

Become a Kogelberg Biosphere member – and enjoy benefits specially designed to assist you and/or your business.


You can take the next step, to become even more involved in the Kogelberg Biosphere.

And remember to include us in your social media posts, by using the hashtag: #BiosphereLiving.