OF the Kogelberg BIOSPHERE

The Kogelberg Biosphere is registered as a Section 21 Not-for-Profit Company. Registration number: 2002/017057/08

The Kogelberg Biosphere is also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation and Non-Profit Organisation.

PBO number: 93002935
NPO number: 133-290

The Kogelberg Biosphere is governed by our Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association.

The Kogelberg Biosphere is managed by the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve Company (KBRC), which brings our projects to life.

The Board of Directors are part of the following task teams:

Directors’ Committee – The Board of Directors are responsible for the sound management of the Kogelberg Biosphere. Meetings take place quarterly where challenges and project progress are discussed.

Technical Committee – The Technical Committee coordinates the long-term implementation of the Kogelberg Biosphere Strategy and advances and represents the common interests of the parties in matters concerning the management of the Kogelberg Biosphere.

Kogelberg Baboon Liaison Committee

Grabouw Development Agency

Community Police Forums and Ward Committee

Table Mountain Group Aquifer Groundwater Monitoring Committee


Happy 60th anniversary to the Betty’s Bay Hack Group

Happy 60th anniversary to the Betty’s Bay Hack Group

The Betty’s Bay Hack Group, the oldest in South Africa, recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. It all started in February 1963 when Denys Heesom challenged Betty’s Bay residents to join him in tackling the alien vegetation encroaching on the Betty’s Bay fynbos.

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