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A short trip to the south of Cape Town in South Africa, you’ll find yourself surrounded by nature that is globally so valuable, that it has been declared a biosphere reserve. The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve aims to protect this vast natural wonder.

"We do this in a way that brings people closer to our planet, so that people of the Kogelberg thrive, while living in harmony with our rich biodiversity."


The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, designated by UNESCO, is South Africa’s oldest biosphere reserve.


The reserve starts on the mountains above Gordon’s Bay, and includes land, sea and towns along the coast to just above Hermanus. It stretches inland past the town of Botriver and encompasses the growing economic hub of Grabouw. The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve covers around 100 000 hectares – an area larger than Singapore. MORE

The heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom




What makes the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve so valuable?

There are many reasons to visit our area.

This biosphere reserve is considered to be the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom – one of just six plant kingdoms in the world.

It has the richest, most complex biodiversity on earth, home to more than 1 880 plant species. Of these, 77 are found just here, and nowhere else. The seascapes here are also significant: more than 3 500 marine species occur only here. MORE

What do we do?

The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve finds local solutions to global problems – by bringing our members together.  Across the world, humankind has been using natural resources unsustainably, to our own detriment. The result is a loss of biodiversity and cultural heritage, risks to water and food security, increased poverty and a changing climate.

In the Kogelberg we seek to address this, reconciling conservation with sustainable development – to benefit all. Through our own activities and the actions of our members, we build towards sustainable and just economies here, while allowing nature to provide the services she offers us sustainably. 

To achieve this, the KBR plays a central coordinating role: by working together across the biosphere reserve, we can break down the silos in which we traditionally work, empower each other through knowledge and achieve our biosphere reserve goals through collective action.

We work according to 5 project themes

Growing the economy 

 Protecting nature

Nature EducatiON

Securing water

Managing resources


Over the past number of years, we’ve experienced the most devastating wildfires here. The impacts on people and livelihoods have been devastating. The Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve therefore wants to take action to help now – before the next disaster strikes. And we need YOUR support. We’re bringing together a team of volunteers, and we’re getting the necessary equipment in place now, so that we’re prepared.

Become a KBR member

Sign up as a KBR member, and you can access resources, networking opportunities, connections and capacity to help you and/or your business. As a KBR member, you also enjoy the power of the collective voice to bring about positive change. MORE HERE


How our reptiles survive winter and wildfire

How our reptiles survive winter and wildfire

How do reptiles survive during the cold winter months when there is limited sun and heat for them? In South Africa reptiles don’t actually go into hibernation during the winter months as our

Muraltia vulpina

Pale Lionface (Nemesia diffusa)

Prince of Wales Heath (Erica perspicua)

Blue-Sequins (Geissorhiza aspera)

Just take a look at some of the floral beauties photographed by the Kogelberg CREW group during a recent bioblitz.

The avid fynbos lovers went botanising along the Palmiet River in the CapeNature Kogelberg Nature Reserve. They came across the likes of Nemesia diffusa, Muraltia vulpina, Erica perspicua and Geissorhiza aspera. Even the paper-like Syncarpha vestita put on a show. Enjoy these wonderful photos, as captured on INaturalist – southern Africa. Images: Magriet Brink, Kleinmond Fynbos and LoveGreen Communications.

Biosphere Living

If you live in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve region, you’re already enjoying Biosphere Life. That means you can already enjoy all that Mother Nature offers you here, in this incredibly special part of the world. MORE


You can take the next step, to become even more involved in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.

And remember to include us in your social media posts, by using the hashtag: #BiosphereLiving.